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Pricing Your Project

What will my project cost?

The elephant in the room when discussing any remodeling project is “What will this project cost?” We have created a pricing guide to help potential clients decide if they are ready and able to get started planning their renovation or addition.

What Our Pricing Guide Means

These prices provide for turn-key service from permitting to inspections to final clean-up.  They represent minimum pricing as a starting point; where your project pricing falls is dependent upon multiple factors. The square footage of a given space, the age of the home, and the selection of fixtures and finishes can shift a project budget to one side of the range or the other. Selections are made during our design process and include things like flooring, lighting & plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, and countertops.

Kitchen Renovation - Minor
$40k and up

Preserve original footprint/layout; mid-range fixtures

Kitchen Renovation - Major
$75k and up

Expand space or relocate major components, such as changing location of sink or stove (may include wall removal or increased footprint)

Addition to Home - One Story
$150k and up

Master suite addition, for example

Addition to Home - Multi Story
$225k and up

Roof off, such as addition of second story to ranch style home

Primary Bathroom Renovation
$35k and up

Relocation of major plumbing or electrical components; custom elements such as tile shower

Barns, Garages, and ADUs
$100k and up

Ground-up structures, not attached to existing home.

Attic/Basement Finish Out
$160-$210 sq. ft.

Typically includes HVAC; plumbing and electrical for multiple spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces
$50k and up

Screened porch/sunroom, grilling patio, hardscaping

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